HI peeps, I have a general question about scripting. what's the best scripting to learn (I would like to learn one language) and do you have any link to any good resource, not just a tutorial but somewhere I can see what scripting can do (sorry I am really new to it)

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Scripting makes it easier to do something that we repeatedly do, so what scripting language would serve you best depends on your answer to the question what do you do repeatedly that has several steps, that you would like to do in fewer steps, automatically? As Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do."

I would add, "we want to write scrips that do what we repeatedly do."

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Best scripting language depends on a.o.
1. your experience with other programming languages
2. the need for portability between platforms (Windows, Unix)
3. familiarity with OO programming
4. type of work you want to script
5. need to embed in larger (compiled) programs
Have a look at Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Lua, Tcl.

thanks guys, I don't have anything particularly in mind, so I don't have a specific goal. I think I might give PHP a go then

ah thinking of it, anybody knows any good tutorial on php (apart from w3c school)? Video tutorial preferred if any

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