Any pointers on how accented characters are implemented in Windows would be helpful.

Goal - Ability to add accented characters(áéíóú) using keystrokes like ctrl + ' followed by a vowel and all other combinations that work on standard applications like MS Word, Text pad etc.

My Findings till date - Everywhere I could read documentation/blogs/forums related to WM_DEADCHAR message.What I understand is : ::TranslateMessage translates WM_KEYUP messages corresponding to dead keys into WM_DEADCHAR messages, and it translates WM_SYSKEYUP messages generated by dead keys into WM_SYSDEADCHAR messages. Windows provides the logic that combines these messages with character messages to produce accented characters, so dead-key messages are usually passed on for default processing.

I added this message to my CWnd derived class's message map but OnDeadChar() never gets called. Additionally I have found out using SPY++ that even in MSWord,Textpad etc where accented characters could be added with combination of these keystrokes, WM_DEADCHAR message is never dispatched. So, Does this mean that WM_DEADCHAR is actually not the way to address this issue?

Please provide any sample code/steps/mechanism to implement accented characters.

Thanks in advance!!!