In java this is how a DerivedClass can implement it's BaseClass's constructor.

public DerivedClass extends BaseClass
    //some properties
    public DerivedClass(param)

I have learnt C-Sharp's base() does the similar thing, but when I replace super(param) with base(param), it does not gives what I'm expecting. How can I implement this code snippet in C#?

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The syntax for calling base is public constructor() : base().

It will call the matching base class constructor based on the parameters given to it.

public MyClass() : base() {} will match it up to the constructor that takes no parameters.
public MyClass(String param) : base(param) will match it to the constructor that takes a single string parameter.

The base constructors must be either public or protected.

thanks @Ketsuekiame, that solved my problem. :)

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