I am writing an application to interact with a Faircom c-tree database, there will be thousands of entries in the database I am trying to decide if I should impliment in perl or C++

Has anyone used Perl to interact with c-tree databases? What kind of perform have people got doing this and how stable has it been?

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Yeah I agree the C version would perform better the problem I have is application development time, I only 1 month to develop a very large application consisting of multiple script and programs, if the perl version of c-tree will perform acceptably then I can use that rather than C.

The performance between c and perl is minimal. If you use the "use" keyword, instead of the
"require" keyword, then the only real preformance difference will be in start up, as the entire
program will be read and interpreted before actual execution starts. Once execution starts,
then the performance is very much comparable to performance from c. And, considering you
do not have much time, and as long as the script will be running on a machine with a fairly
quick processor (so the start time will not be much of an issue) then perl is definately the way
to go.

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