Im brand new at python and am trying to teach myself through a book.

Im trying to run a very simple command but I keep on getting a syntax error.

If someone could take a look at it and tell me what im doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it. Im sure it something very simple...

So I have a document from Komodo named (yes, i know that script is spelt incorrectly- it was intentional). This is the error im getting.

% python -i
    File "<stdin>", line 1
    % python -i
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

python -i

I don't use komodo, but apparently you are typing in a python shell a command which should be typed in a terminal.

I did type the lines labled 1-5 in the terminal. I dont know why they came out numbered online.

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In principle, if you type exactly python -i in a terminal, it should work, provided is in the current working directory.

I have a document called that I made in komodo and saved to my desktop.