Would like to create data entry form for a salesman's sales on a delivery route. Should create a form in which there will one row for each sale, where:

The customer id will be pre-selected from a Route table which contains a unique route (i.e. list of customers) for each salesman for each day of the week. i.e. each salesman visits a different set of customers each day of the week. That list will be determined dynamically from the Route table and a Customer table. There 20-40 customers in each route.

The next field, product id, will be selected from a list box, combo box or similer gadget. Due to the nature of the business, there will normally be at most one product sale to a customer at a time. However, on occasion more than one product may be sold.

Next is the unit price of that product for that customer, which will be looked up from a unitprice-customer table.

The remaning fields are straight forward entry and computation fields, e.g. total sale amount and form of payment.

We especially need help on the best implementation approach for the first two columns, i.e. implementing a combo list box button next to each customer in the dynamic route list.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Why reinvent the wheel? Use Excel or Google Docs.