Please I need help, I am currently working with and access database. But now I want to use mysql, because I want the database to be online, so that a remote user can still connect to the company software using internet since the user has the software on his system. The software is working very well with access database, but now I want to change it to online, please help me how can I do it, how can I set the connection string and other things. Because the website that will host the database , let assume it is •̸ŤђαϞĸs.

Have application config file and mention your connection string. I hope your database is hosted on server and you know the server name and your application can ping to DB.

•̸ŤђαϞĸs. I can locate my app.config file. How can I set the connection string to point to the server. assume my website is, and am using mysql database. •̸ŤђαϞĸs for your reply. should give you the connection string format.

You would use the name of the server on the domain (not necessarily same as website URL) - if you are getting a hosted solution then the host company should help you with these details.

E.g. say I host my site at but my web server could actually be called something like MyWebBox1.. Or I could even have my database on a different server...