Please help me. I have design my help content ĩ̷̊ñ a html file. I want to display it as soon as the help button is click. The html doc is ĩ̷̊ñ my bin folder, how can I call it, wen it is being click. •̸ŤђαϞĸs ĩ̷̊ñ advance

just add web browser control to your form and use this code

webbrowser1.navigate(application.startuppath & "\a.html")

it will load that file in your web browser control.

hope this will solve your prob.


•̸ŤђαϞĸs, but it is still giving this error. This program cannot display the webpage. Most likely you are not connected to the internet. Please help me. I put the html file ĩ̷̊ñ my bin folder.

this code is working fine for me. i am using vs2010



Be sure you have the HTML file Build Action is set to Content, and that the Copy To Output is set to Copy Always or Copy If Newer.

webbrowser1.navigate(application.startuppath & "\NameOfHTMLFile.html")

Note: The file may also have a file extension of .htm instead of html.