I am looking for advice on the best place to start with programming. I work for a web design company and currently create database powered sites using PHP and MySql.

I seem to learn very quickly with the right resources. When I started many years ago in PHP, I learnt everything from 1 book and then simply adapted the knowledge to fit my own solutions.

I have Visual Studio untimate but cannot find a suitable book to start learning with. Has anyone used this program? What books or resources did you use. I find that if I have some practice programs to make, I am relatively quick at picking up on what I need to know.

WROX books seem to be quick good. Any suggestions?

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Interesting, thanks!

I shall have a quick look.


I also use homeAnlearn it is advices you read about three times unless you have some seriously good memory I sometimes even read it while I'm making a new program


If you have a basic knowledge in OOP(Object Oriented Programming) like Java or alike then you can directly start from 'Complete Reference to C#' by Herbert Schildt. C# is more Java like just you'll enjoy the benefits of generics,LINQ,LAMBDA operators. happy coding...:)

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