I have a jtab that contains 3 items: a jtextfield that the user will enter a integer value(1-100),and press a jbutton which takes that value and thru a series of if tests generate a text response in a jtext area.

Input = 1
Output = My Dog has fleas.

Input = 2
Output = My Cat climbs trees.

What's your question

Syntax for getting the input, output, and read mouseclick for button..... Sorry, must be gettin old. I am used to old school programming (Fortran, Pascal and the like) trying go get my feet wet with java. thanks in advance.......

Mike. That's a very big question, and I doubt that anyone has the time to write a new document covering all those topics. You'll find loads of stuff on the web for beginners. Please chekc that out first, then come back with specific questions.

if you're trying to get your feet wet with Java, why do you stay on the side of the pool? jump in, write your code and don't be ashamed to use the proverbial floating device.
we'll help you by making sure you don't drown during your efforts, but we won't do the actual swimming for you.

commented: did you happen to practice that in front of a mirror ;) +9

Sorry.... All I was looking for was 2 lines of code..... one line to pull the info out of the text box, and another to put output data to the text area box..... was not asking for someone to write the program for me..... Sorry for the trouble for asking a question....

getText and setText should do just fine.

You must have read my mind... thought about the same thing while at work, so I tried it out when I got off..... worked like a charm !

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