Hello guys i trying to manage the size of two jpanel according to the size of Main Jframe. I using netbeans drag and drop Jpanel1 is big and another one is small. wat i need to do is to change those panels size when main frame is resized> how can i do plz help. I tried borderLayout() but when i do this , my second panel is invisble. the whole panel is occupied by only fisrt panel. How can i do it in netbeans plz help

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A LayoutManager is how you do it - looks like there's some (small) error in how you have chosen the parameters, that's all. Are you specifying where in the layout the panels should be added? If you just add them they both go in the centre.
ps: this is a good example of why we usually advise people not to use an IDE until they have got the basics right - Netbeans is doing stuff for you, but you don't know what.

how can i solve my problem> plz help

I don't use netbeans myself, so I can't help, other than to advise you to go back to a simple programmer's editor and learn to write yor own code (and yes, I can help with that). Maybe one of our netbeans users can step in here?

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