I'm doing a simple study planner in java. Obviously I need to do a timetable generator.
The program works like this:

  1. The user enters the start time of school and the length of each breaks (Done)
  2. The user enters the lessons(Done)
  3. When the user presses next I need to generate a timetable using the information provided.(I need to do this)

Please help as I'm still a beginner. I really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

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Will this be a console application or will it use GUI with a frame, input fields and buttons?

What have you done so far? Do you have any specific questions?

It will be a GUI with a frame, input fields and buttons. So far I've done everything except the timtable. Thanks for the instant reply! :)

How are you going to format and display the timetable?

What code do you have so far? What problems are you having with it?

I don't have an idea of how I can create a timetable like that :( I've searched but couldn't find the thing I'm searching for

You could create a JPanel with a GridLayout of JLabels. Then you could fine-tune the appearance later.

I need an algorithm to timetabling problem with greedy algorithm and Tabu Search? Somebody has a algorithm in java?
Someone cam help me?

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