Hello everyone I'm having a bit of trouble with C. Its been awhile and I was wondering if I'm on the right track I'm trying to read from a file and manipulate the data with a structure I created. The problem is the first two values in the text document will be used for the loop count and the next will be used to subtract from other values in the document. For instance the first value is 10 so go through 10 lines of the document and the next line is the date 20120803. I want to read these two and then for the remainder of the data (student ID, course number, submission date) I want to store those in different variables. I was thinking I would either read the document with fgets and then store the values using sscanf or just store and read through the document using fscanf.

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Ahh, we're playing Jeopardy. OK.

The question is: How can I read the file and store student information?

Did I win?


In answer to your non-question, looks like either idea would work...

commented: WaltP is WaltP! He can never change! :-D hahahaha... awesome :-D yes sir, ! you win +0

The below is my idea(rough one) to proceed to design first towards implementation.

Create structure for first two data

struct StudentIndex
 int No_Of_students;
 int date;
 (int year;
 int month;
 int day;) 

Fill this structure by read (using fscanf())
first 2-character for no_of_Students as int
next string(8 character) for date (or read as 4-character for year, 2-char for month, 2-char for day)

fscanf(fp, "%d %s ", structInfo.No_Of_Students,structInfo.date);//Or separte it by year, month, day

Then create struture for studentInfo

struct studentInfo
 int student ID;
 int course_number;
 char *submission_date; or (sepate date for month, day, year);

Fill this structure after filled StudentIndex structure

fscanf(fp, "%d %d %s "", structInfo.Student_ID,structInfo.course_number, structInfo.submission_date);

Once these information is filled you can easily read each data.

lol sorry should have stated what was wrong. I can read from the file just fine but for the first to values arent apart of the student information.

CS460 e788i902 20120503 100
CS460 r673q456 20120203 50

I wanted to store the first two seperately then store the students info in other variables.

I can't tell if you simply made an explanation of what you are going to do or there's some unasked question you need help with.

Please be clear when you post. Both of the posts in this thread are ambiguous at best.

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freopen() can be used to read the file and take all the input from there. thanks.

Here is a snippet of the code

#include <stdio.h>

int main(){

FILE *fp;

fp = fopen("test.txt", "r");

char line[500];
char duedate[9];
char course[6];
char ID[9];
char date[9];
int grade;
int num;

while(fgets(line, 500, fp) != NULL)
    if(line != "CS460"){
        fscanf(fp,"%d,%s", &num, duedate);
    if(line == "CS460"){
        fscanf(fp, "%s,%s,%s,%d", course, ID, date, &grade);


    printf("%d\n%s", num, duedate);
   printf("%s %s %s %d", course, ID, date, grade);

Another ambiguous post... Maybe this will help:

Posting requests for help must be well thought out if you want help quickly and correctly. Your post did not meet the criteria for quality help. You may get some posts, but are they going to be useful? Check your post with these checkpoints - what is it you missed:

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