Hi, I'm looking for pictures that can inspire me to design a login page..
the login page is going to be full screen window (no changing that), and all I know is that I gotta put 2 input boxes there (username & password) and a button.. (we don't show any parts of the system before logging in - like menubar, etc)
this is a real system for electronics industry factories.. it's not suppose to look "cool" but I still want it to look stylish and fresh..
I'm thinking to add the (my) company's logo, the logo/name of the system (we don't have that yet), and maybe the name of the client's company..
but still I just don't see it all coming together beautifully on a full screen..

looking for inspiration, ideas, templates, examples, pics..anything


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Hows about this: Click

You did ask for a LMGTFY link with this question...

Though the login screen may occupy the entire screen, nothing is wrong with a box in the centre and a shaded colouring on the rest of the screen, it is a common approach.

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UserName: ____________________
Password: ____________________

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In all seriousness the best thing to do is have your login screen match the colour scheme of the rest of your applicaion. keep your schemes consistant throught.


you can make a gradient background color for your system and make your font big for the username and password at the center.... i think your logo should be at the top of your username and password...

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