Hi ,

Is it possible to have loaders in Swing.
By Loaders i mean, showing a loader image with masking on the application till the data is retrieved from DB and displayed in TextArea. Just like we have ajax loaders Not allowing to access other screens in the application with screen/application masking.

Is it possible in Swing..?

Please suggest.

Thanks in Advance. :)

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Not exactly sure what you want, but it looks possible. If you want a loading image to mask on top, you could simply overlay or place a component on top of what you want to prevent users to access. Once it is done, remove the component or replace it with your display.


The Glass Pane is useful in this case. You could place a progress bar or something similar onto the pane. Depending on your implementation you can block all actions or chose to pass some down to elements below (thus blocking certain controls, but allowing access to others). There are a number of examples available so I suggest just searching Google. Hope this helps!

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