Im training for olaympiad and need a little of your help to know useful functions that You use . one of an important things I need , Is that to take a number base 10 to base 2 for example :
66 (base 10) , 1000010 (base 2)

if available say a function with its library for taking a base 10 number to a base that we say , another function that I need to but its not that important as the first one is that to take a number from a base to another one like this

thank you so much

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thank you so much

I hope you're not expecting someone to just give you the code. Even if you provided sufficient requirements to write these functions, doing so is against Daniweb's rules because you've show no effort in doing the work yourself.

Dont want a code , like I know cmath library (for example) just asking if someone knows if there is a library that does this, I know how to take another number from a base to another base, what your saying is that like I ask if someone knows a function to take to raise another number like 2 , raised 3 = 8 , I know that this is solvable easily by a for but I also know that theres a function like pow to make this easier to dont write this codes again and again in program , Im asking if there is an availeble function

Im asking if there is an availeble function

Not in the standard library, at least not to the extent that I suspect you want. I'm sure you can find a third party library or extensions supported by your compiler (such as itoa()), but nobody can help you with that since you didn't specify your compiler or OS.

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