hi everyone...i have been searching for days on creating a dll files using dev c++...
actually i know how to create the dll files but i dont know how to use it...u got what i mean right?? ^^,

please2....anyone help me...i really want the tutorial..i would like to create a dll file on my own..so i can understand what is really going on..i really do appreciate if its the basic or the common code for dll...huhuhu..please2...do help me.... if you have any interesting or any link about dll files..please do post here..

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oooopppppsssss... i just realize it for the QCreator..im using Bloodshed dev c++...by the way tq very much...i really appreciate it..

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Yes sorry forgot to mention but aot of the concepts he discusses applies in general well still good luck

ok2...tq again...im still searching2..huhuhu...dll is sooo haarrrrddddd hohoohoho....i need to really2 understand it...tq..tq..tq...againn hihii

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