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Hey guys,
I am working on an application for my school and work. I work for the It team that maintains and checks the AV equipment we have around campus and solve the problems associated with them. We usually just mark them down with pen and paper etc. Im trying to bring us into the digital age using this program.

Basically, THe main form displays the data from the database. the second form that pops up when you click the check rooms button is a form for filling out which rooms you have checked and then submits them to the separate issues database maintained by the whole campus IT division(i have no control over that and cant access the data, the only way im able to add to it is to send an email to the server and it automatically updates it based on the format of the email) Submitting it to the huge IT database works fine, but i want to also update some of the fields in the smaller database I have created using the input from the second form(the one the datagridview is connected to on the first form)

My problem is I have no idea how to use any sort of queries and what not and have no database experience.

Here is the main form

Here is the second form

Basically, what I want to do is get some of the information from the second form(the date for example)
into the date checked field of the database for the appropriate room and building number.

I plan on using the ID number to reference the correct row to place the date into. ie entered ATLC 23 into the second for it would need to go into the date checked field of the row with id 1.

so how do i get the date from the second form into the database???

any tips would be great. I know it s a big question. I can provide code if needed, I just think this is more of a general question that doesnt really have anything to do with my code and more to do with how to insert data into a database.