Given 3 arrays,one accepting Strings the rest integers,lets say:A1[ ],A2[ ],A3[ ].
We get the difference of each element of A2[ ] and A3[ ] to a previously define values.
take for example this code:

typedef char * string; //for STRINGS
char name;
int test; // number of test cases
int HEIGHT,WEIGHT; //for solenn
int suitors; //number of suitors      
string suitor_names[0];
int suitor_h[0];
int suitor_w[0];

void sort(){

int main(){

//scanf("%d",&test);{} //for test cases later
scanf("%d%d",&HEIGHT,&WEIGHT); //get solenn 
scanf("%d",&suitors);       //get number of suitors
string suitor_names[suitors]; // Make #ofsuitors strings
int i,w,h;
        for (i = 0; i < suitors; i++)
        suitor_names[i] = name; 
        suitor_h[i] = h ;
        suitor_w[i] = w ;

    int j,k,l;
            diff_h[j] = HEIGHT - suitor_h[j];
            diff_h[j] = WEIGHT - suitor_h[j];


    // THEN PRINT THE NAMES FROM THE PERSON WITH the least difference to the one w/ highest  


Example Input:

170 60
Allen       168     58
Wendell     166     60
Marlon      165     60
Brian       165     60
Christopher 172     57
Rene        175     65
Mark        169     75
Kelvin      170     58


 Kelvin Mark Allen Christopher Wendell Brian Marlon Rene

Is there any algorithm, even a brute force one to get the answer?

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I don't quite understand how the data is to be sorted. Is it according to column 2 minus the value of column 3?, for example for Kelvin it would be 170-58 = 112

Put the data into a structure then sort the structures

struct data
   char name[20];
   int a1;
   int a2;
   int diff;

 struct data array[255];

Read the data into the above array then sort the array on member variable diff.

No. its supposed to be 170 - 170 , then 60 - 58
the first 170 and the 60 came from kelvin. the other 170 and the 58 came from the first input, lets say a person is supposed to hold those values to, let say her name is Solenn.
So Solenn and Kelvin has 0 difference in height and 2 difference in weight, making Kelvin the one with the least difference among the others, so kelvin was first in the list. I hope u get it.:)

Line 38 you probably want diff_w and suitor_w

Sort on the value you want (diff_w or diff_h). Make sure you swap all the arrays. Then output your data for that sort.

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>
typedef char * string;
int test; // number of test cases
int HEIGHT,WEIGHT; //for solenn
int suitors; //number of suitors      
// suitor_names[suitors];

void swap(int *a, int *b){

  int tmp;

  tmp = *a;
  *a = *b;
  *b = tmp;

void Sort(int a[],int size){
int i, j;

  for (i=0; i<size; i++){
   // for (j=size-1; j>i; j--)
      if(a[i] > a[i+1])
        swap(&a[i], &a[i+1]);

int main(){
//scanf("%d",&test);{} //for test cases later
scanf("%d %d",&HEIGHT,&WEIGHT); //get solenn 
printf("%d %d\n",HEIGHT,WEIGHT);
scanf("%d",&suitors);       //get number of suitors
suitors = suitors;
char S1[1000]; // Make 5/#ofsuitors strings
string name[suitors];
int suitor_h[suitors];
int suitor_w[suitors];
int diff_h[suitors];
int diff_w[suitors];

int i,w,h;
char a;
            for (i = 0; i < suitors; ++i)
            //suitor_names[i] = name; 

                name[i] = S1;
                suitor_h[i] = h;
                suitor_w[i] = w;        
            //suitor_h[i] = h;
            //suitor_w[i] = w;
int j,k,l;
                diff_h[j] = (HEIGHT - suitor_h[j]);
                if(diff_h[j]<0){diff_h[j] = 0 - diff_h[j]; }
                diff_w[j] = (WEIGHT - suitor_w[j]);
                if(diff_w[j]<0){diff_w[j] = 0 - diff_w[j]; }

                printf("%d  ",diff_h[k]);


Here's my new code.
How do I link the names inputed together with the height and width???
so they can also be sorted accordingly.

format your code better. It very difficult to follow.

How do I link the names inputed together with the height and width???

Well, if you need to swap the name[i] with name[j], what else do you need to do?

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