I have the program for inserion of keys into the B tree and displaying them.But i want to write a code for the b tree in C so that each key in the B tree should have 4 attributes. I'm having trouble modifying the structure pointers in the program i have. So any one could help it?All i need is the algorithm clearly.I want to add two more attributes (for ex name and age) to the structure node along with the key.and the rest of the program should run same and the whole record should be availabel when we search ,delete ,display or modify the key. here .I am attaching the code


please if anyone has help for me. I wil be thankful.

Start by adding age since that's easier due to lack of string handling requirements. Add something like int age; to the struct definition and then everywhere the other "attributes" are used, add an equivalent line for age.

Since your Google document is blank and you neglected to post any code, I can't really help you more than that.