I know that its very simple to save an image source in a MySQL database but my problem is that how can I save an image source and add it to my project's resources so that I can call it easier even if I transfer my Application to other PC, I dont want to save thae image as BLOB because I know that its not database wise


If I save an image's full path to the database like C: Documents and Settings/Admin/My Documents/Visual Studio/My Project/Resources/Images/Picture1.png I know I can call it and display to a picture box, but what if I transfer to another PC or make my project an installer and install it to another PC, I know that I will get an error because the Application can't find the image.

is their any way to do that like using APP.PATH in vb6 to find an access file database inside the same directory?

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I found it, I use Application.StartupPath inplace of App.Path in vb6 and I save my image in bin folder of my project

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