i have an evnt class that reads data from a file. the event file reads data and put it into 2 queues, i for NEW event and other for QUERY events. echs NEW QUERY has a unique identification.

TM class has to get the data from the 2 queues in the order of the unique identification?

how do i do it?

i triyed accessing the queues from TM , but i can't get the data how do i get the data from the queues in the order of the uniqie identification

any solution ?

y dont you use collection becoz it comes with key value pair.You can use simple forach loop to extract values.

isn't queue a collection?

what kind do i have to use for key value pair

so i drew a diagram on the data flow data_passing

in EventProxy I read the data of the file in to 2 queues. one for New data and other for Query data.

how do I access the 2 queues from Process System.
because i created an instance of 2 queues in EventProxy and now when i try to access in PrcessSystem I can't access it.

Any better solution in handling this

appreciate a reply,


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