I am trying to search a dataset I have populated from several XML files for certain words in each column. The dataset table is "item" and the columns I want searched is "descritption". "description" are several articles from an rss feed. I want to search the articles for sports players names. For example in the article
"Jimmy Graham returns to a limited practice - Jimmy Graham | NO" I would like to search for "Jimmy Graham" and once found I want the entire article description to be displayed in a listbox. I am essentially searching for player names which the user enters in another listbox (addteamform.addplayerlistbox) for articles containing that player name, then displaying them in another listbox (mainform.articlelistbox). here is my code I am using to try to search the dataset/dataview for a specific name in an article. I am sure the code is all wrong for what I'm trying to do...

 Public Shared Sub searchPlayers()

        Dim ds As DataSet = New DataSet


        Dim dv As New DataView
        dv.Table = ds.Tables("item")
        Dim drv As DataRowView 'Data Row View object to query DataView object

        'Filter based on a listbox value selected
        dv.RowFilter = "title" & CInt(addTeamForm.playerListBox.SelectedItem)

        'Retrieve my values returned in the result
        For Each drv In dv

    End Sub