I am trying to search a dataset I have populated from several XML files for certain words in each column. The dataset table is "item" and the columns I want searched is "descritption". "description" are several articles from an rss feed. I want to search the articles for sports players names. For example in the article
"Jimmy Graham returns to a limited practice - Jimmy Graham | NO" I would like to search for "Jimmy Graham" and once found I want the entire article description to be displayed in a listbox. I am essentially searching for player names which the user enters in another listbox (addteamform.addplayerlistbox) for articles containing that player name, then displaying them in another listbox (mainform.articlelistbox). here is my code I am using to try to search the dataset/dataview for a specific name in an article. I am sure the code is all wrong for what I'm trying to do...

 Public Shared Sub searchPlayers()

        Dim ds As DataSet = New DataSet


        Dim dv As New DataView
        dv.Table = ds.Tables("item")
        Dim drv As DataRowView 'Data Row View object to query DataView object

        'Filter based on a listbox value selected
        dv.RowFilter = "title" & CInt(addTeamForm.playerListBox.SelectedItem)

        'Retrieve my values returned in the result
        For Each drv In dv

    End Sub

You should be able to pick up some freeware Screen scraping software to do this for you...

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