Can I get the question's solution?

Define a structure called Toy with the following members:

. Name of Toy
. Price of Toy
. Made in (the place where the toy is made)
. Manufactured date (define as a structure with date, month, year)

Using the structure defined above, write a program that declares a variable of structure
Toy. Ask the user to enter the information of a toy. Then pass the variable to a function
to do the following:

. Check the manufactured date of the toy. If the date is before January 2012,
decrease 10% from the current price.
. Check the Made in information. If the toy is not made in Malaysia, then add
RM10.00 to the price.

Display the toy’s information in main(). Repeat for a new toy. Let the user chooses to

Can I get the question's solution?

No, you won't receive any help until such time as you present code that demonstrates that you've made a genuine attempt to solve the problem.