Anyone has idea to seperate a word in parts for example ( kalemimin -> kalem-i-min )
'kalem' is str1 , 'i' in str2 and 'min' should be get into str3.

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Could you explain on what basis these need to be separated? i mean from your example, i didn't understand how you need to separate the word. is it based on an indices?

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You will write a C++ program that will take a Turkish word from the user and separate the word into root and suffixes. An example run of the program is as follows:
Enter the word:

araba : root
-lar : prular
-ın : ownership

Do you have some way to find if a word is a root word? I mean you would have some list of words showing which ones are root, etc. right? Provide more details since all we know about the problem is the 3-4 lines you have provided us :)

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