I have been working with Java a longtime, but my main problem is this. Everytime i try to set my classpath, set my path variables, all works well, until i think of adding a new package from elsewhere. Disaster breaksout, such that i have to recode the entire package for it to be added into my Windows projects.

this is in Windows
set %classpath% =.
Where am i going wrong????

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What's the rest of your classpath? It should be a ilst of all the directories where Java needs to look to find packages/classes

That is why I am crying. Right I have since discovered that the pple who say that they are elaborating the whole truth are not. Its like a very very very big little lie, without the finer details.

For example when you define a classpath = "C:\AddedPackages\"

It would work fine, until you decide to call on the package from any other location of a class. Java does not go directly to this part on compilation, it would want the Class File to be developed within the same folder as the package. So wrong so very very very wrong.

My errors are now cleared. But my query lies on calling other Classes found in the poi package, like WordExtracter and HeaderStories for example

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