Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to interpret some data from an embedded sensor device into a C++ program. The device uses a numerical format called 1.15 fractional format. This means it transmits 2 hex bytes into a value rangle of ~1 < n < -1.

A full description of the format (which apparently is standard for C) is given in this document.

I can understand how the format works (for example, negative values have a positive 15th bit) but I'm struggling to implement a convertor in C++ that can identify when the incoming data is negative.

So far I have this function, which works fine for positives, but outputs incorrect data for negative numbers:

int Convert(BYTE msg0, BYTE msg1, float Target){

    // Combine the 2 bytes 
    unsigned int F = msg0*256 + msg1;

    // display the combined hex bytes and the decimal equivilant
    // These values are correct
    printf("\n\n Combined F = 0x%x \t F = %i",F,F);

    double Ff = (double)F/(32767); // ((2^15)-1) = 32767 = 0x7FFF

    printf("\n Ff = %f",Ff);

    printf("\n Target = %f",Target); 

    return 0;

The Target values are taken from the sensor documentation. As you can see my Positive outputs are pretty close (but not perfect) yet the negative values are way off.


Any suggestions greatfully recieved, I'm a little out of my depth here!

So it was just a couple of tiny things to change :-)

short F = msg0*256 + msg1;
double Ff = (double)F/(32768); // ((2^15)-1) = 32767 = 0x7FFF
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