I want to align two text in same line first text should be in left side another one should be in right side of java swing textpane. so I have using style interface and Styleconstants class to align text but it couldn't worked. I have applied some other styles on same two text like Styleconstants.setFontSize(), Styleconstants.setForeGroundColor() but it's working fine. Here my code

JTextPane pane = new JTextPane();
StyledDocument sdoc = pane.getStyledDocument();
SimpleAttributeSet rightAlign = new SimpleAttributeSet();
StyleConstants.setAlignment(rightAlign, StyleConstants.ALIGN_RIGHT);
StyleConstants.setForeground(rightAlign, Color.lightGray);
StyleConstants.setFontSize(rightAlign, 11);
sdoc.insertString(sdoc.getLength(), "name", null);
sdoc.insertString(sdoc.getLength(), "timeHis" + "\n", rightAlign);

its give the output like nametimeHis but I want like this ouput name timeHis(exact opposite side in JTextpane in same line ) Is their any wrong in my code? how to resolve this problem?

The align specs apply to a whole paragraph, so you can't mix them on one line. You could try ALIGN_JUSTIFIED.

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