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i have a 3 columns with content and can be sorted and now i want a small symbol on them when that column is sorted like if column one is sorted then the symbol should be on 1 similarly for rest,

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If you are using the program in your other thread it won't be easy to do what you are asking. It might be easier to use a different grid, one in which you can get the source code (free). One such grid is at codeproject.com, just go there and search for grid controls. I've used it for many years and its somewhat easy to modify. Of course you will need to know MFC and c++ pretty well.

void CAccountingAccountNumbers::OnHeaderClicked(NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult) 
        HD_NOTIFY *phdn = (HD_NOTIFY *) pNMHDR;

        if( phdn->iButton == 0 )
                // User clicked on header using left mouse button
            phdn->iItem ='↑' + phdn->iItem;
            YodaMessageBox (_T("test.\n")  _T("test."),MB_ICONSTOP | MB_OK);

        *pResult = 0;

getting an error

What error? I can't see your monitor.

phdn->iItem ='↑' + phdn->iItem;

Why are you doing that??? iItem is an index number (integer) of item associated with notification.

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