I'm trying to find a solution to protect all the software developed in the company I work in.
Till now we've been working with hardlocks, but we are trying to cut on expences and wanting to develop our own software protection system.
I know that there some free tools, like for instance activelock, but we aren't interested in using third party tools either, since these tools are frequently open to attacks and we might have migration problems in the future.
I've been googling and I can't find any good techniques for developing this type of solution.
We've seen some ideas like for instance hardware dependet protection, but that is also a problem because it doesn't allow the user to change hardware without contacting us.
We have our own website, what makes possible the comunication with an online database, but we don't know what to do with this functionality. Check IP? It changes often,... Check Hardware? same problem as before, probably,...

Does anyone has any ideas or knows any technique?

My thanks in advanced

unfortunately, no protection is 'unbreakable'. and even if, all someone has to do, is copy someone else's license nr. how are you to check (for each case) that it is copied and the user didn't just change pc's?

anyway, you can use a combination of such things.
check for IP, username and password, pc name, ....
but also check: is storing all that information ethically/legally permitted?