Hey everyone,

I never programmed before in no languages, but I would like to learn C, and I'm undecided on what book to read to learn from. I have no possible experience at all. May someone tell me as a beginner should I read either C Primer Plus by Prata? Or should I read C Programming: A Modern Approach by King? I believe C Primer Plus teaches the basics, so would I be better off reading that one first, and after reading all 17 chapters of that book, what book would I be ready to read next?

Thank you very much for any advice/info provided!

Both would be suitable. King's book is more highly regarded by experienced programmers, but having read both, I think as an absolute beginner you may prefer Prata's book.

Thank you. So after Prata's book, what book would I be ready for next? Maybe the King's book after the Prata's book? Or something different? Thank you again!

It really depends on how much of Prata's book you actually learn. It covers pretty much everything you'll use on a regular basis, so if you learn the whole thing cover to cover, you should have little problem with any book on C.

Thank you for that info!