I have a Java book from before Oracle took over Sun.
In the chapter about pictures for buttons etc., the writer suggest to download a free to use icon set from
Ofcourse this place does not exits anymore and the Oracle site is not clear to me where to find the icons, if they are still there.
Does anybody know which URL I must have to find them, if they still exits?
Or another free download set of free to use icons for my Java GUI's?

tnx a lot

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Thank you very much James.
Can I use .jpg and .ico for the Java systray button?
And for other buttons and menu-items?
Are there other useble formats?

jpf, gif, png all work well in Java.
.ico is a problem because it's a Windows-only format. Unless anyone knows better, I think you will have to convert any icos to one of the other formats

By now, I downloaded many Graphics and used one for my systray button and for the picture in the left uppercorner of my application which also apears in the toolbar.
I found out that for the systray button in Win XP, 16x16 works out fine.
For linux/Ubuntu, this is a little small.

For the left upperconrner, it seems not to matter what the size is cause the program receizes it automatically.

.ico forat is not usable in any case for it is not supported in Java.

Kind regards,


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