I have a panel and I'm creating small textboxes which carries a text. Later when I create all the textboxes I'm able to move them dynamically in the panel and rearranged them in a order (in a straight line next to each other).How can I read the values of the textboxes from left to right

For e.g. I have text boxes carrying text in this order



When I click a button I need to get the text in the textboxes in order starting from top left to bottom right. I would expect the result of the above example as "A BC D R YT D I OI PO". May be later I can rearrange the textboxes and I should get the result according to the new arrangements.

I hope I didn't confuse you. Any sugessions to solve this problem would be of great help.

thanks a lot

Few questions: Are you using WinForms or WPF? What panel control are you using? Is the panel doing the layout or are you (i.e. do you specifically set the position of each textbox)? What's your code for rearranging the order/layout of the textboxes?

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