First apologies for being a total newb. Everyones gotta go though this stage i guess.

I'm a teacher and I've written some python 3 code that does some handy stuff to grades. I can execute the code using IDLE and it does what I want it to(averaging scores, producing student reports and stuff). Which is fine for me and my grades.

However, some collegues have expressed a desire to use it, but i don't want to have to get them to download python and teach them how to execute out of IDLE etc.

What I'd like is to be able to package my application into a nice program that can be installed(on windows) and run by clicking an icon.

But I have literally NO IDEA how to do this(which it must surely possible to do)


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I still think it is good idea to just send them download link for Python3 installer and your code to them. They just run installer and open your code. If you put it with .pyw extension they do not get the console window for GUI stuff, for console stuff use .py as extension.

That said there is cxfreeze.

There is also py2exe, which I use a lot.
The example scripts on the site work easily form simple console programs

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