For our final requirement before my groupmates and i can graduate we have to develop a LAN-Based Enrollment system we searched about the pros and cons when it comes to using either Access or MySql as the database and the majority of the results are in favor of using Mysql as the database

**My Questions are**

are 2008 AND Mysql compatible? i mean are there any known issues?

To connect Mysql with 2008 i needed to use a connector which should i use? the ADO.NET Driver for
MySQL Connector/NET or the ODBC Driver for MySQL Connector/ODBC and why?

how will i network it once it is finished?

i would also like to ask for some tips or advice in developing this project to those who would like to share we are really scared because this is such a huge system to develop within just less than 2 months can anybody please help me? Thank you very much!

I would look at the ASP.Net membership web project for ideas, you may even be able to use that project plus SQLExpress as your membership platform, and have to code only the particulars for specific fields/properties/methods applicable to your unique requirements.

In other words, how much do you have to write from scratch?