i am getting Run time error '13': Type mismatch error.

below is my code:

Dim ndMain As Node

Set ndMain = TreeMain.Nodes.Add(, , "Root", "Main Menu", "myappname")


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ok got the solution.
Dim ndMain As object

Set ndMain = TreeMain.Nodes.Add(, , "Root", "Main Menu", "myappname")

-->>Hi krunal1986,I dont know what is the use of your code but I think Iam interested with it...
-->>Can you ellaborate to me what is the use of the code please...

hi bile,

actually i am working on already written code.even i don't know what is the use of that code..usually i am working on asp.net.

-->>Ok,but from your solution what was the efect or the functionality of the code may be?

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