This program has taken roughly 3 months to develop and now I would like other people to evaluate it for me.

It's called Math Tool and it can be useful for you're tring to find out an average of data (i.e. average time) and it's also useful to display it in a table format. I have used methods such as try parse to detect whether the user has typed in the right input. This program also features the ability to have running totals so when you have entered numbers into the table there is another coloumn showing how the numbers add up each time. Another feature includes a sequence genorator, where you can easily design a sequence rule and then tell the program how many times you want it to run through this sequence. Of course there were really fine bugs that I had to deal with, like when you press the exit button it has to detaect weather or not you still have data entered into the program, so it detects whether the textboxes/labels contains numbers using try parse and then exits depending on this condition.

Here is the download link:

Yeah, I'm not sure how many takers your going to get on this. In general, downloading and running random executables files from the internet isn't something people like to do.

No thanks. I don't want to risk it. It is very suspicious that you are posting a download on this site. Also, nice writing this post, but, how do I know if this .exe will infect my computer with something, or wipe it?

Because this program has been tested on 50 other computers and those users haven't experienced any problems in running it. No bugs or errrors have been reported (although I have had improvements suggested).