Currently writing a NFC program (Windows 7-->VC++ MFC ).
The reader is connected via USB and when i run the exe, i manually select and connect the reader for the exe to work.
my requirement is

  1. In the code, identify the wireless network and if my particular reader name is found, do the normal operations.
  2. If unable to identify the particular SSID name, then throw error message.

I still havent written any code for this and though attempted few( got thru google ) but no fruitful result.

How to capture the SSID ?


@NULL PTR, thanks for the post and small hiccup in getting the right network
workig in Multibyte char set . so made small changes in d coding from Uni to MBS

Shown Wireless Network in my pc

My prefered network is : MyRdr
I have to connect to it, to run my application

Code portion 
for (j = 0; j < pBssList->dwNumberOfItems; j++) // returns 4 networks
  char temp[50];
  char DefChar = ' ';
  pBssEntry = (WLAN_AVAILABLE_NETWORK *) & pBssList->Network[j];
  pBssEntry->strProfileName // always return Cloud_9
  WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP,0,pBssEntry->strProfileName,-1, temp,260,&DefChar, NULL);
  std::string profile_name(temp);
    if True, then i quite here
    else continue the loop
problem is : When it tries to read the second to last netwrk name, it shows only ""
y am i getting only Cloud_9 as constant network name.
I manually got connected to "MyRdr" and i expect it to read all available networks and then matching found, quit the loop.
Whr is d bug ?
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