I have just bought a "USB Network server":

I have attached a harddrive to the USB Network server and the USB Network server is connected to the router.
I use 2 computers that needs to use the harddrive at the very same time. However the software that connects to the harddrive only allows one computer at a time to use the harddrive and blocks out the other computer from connecting to it. I have set the network server IP to static: but the server supports DHCP also that randomly gives an IP.

My question is simply this:

How would it with code be possible to Map this harddrive that is attached to the USB Network server with IP

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Thank you,

As I can see in the example the mapping will look like this, which worked for my local harddrive on the computer!

However, now is my other harddrive not connected to any computer.
The harddrive is connected to a USB Network Server and this USB Network Server
is connected to the router with Ethernet. I have a shared folder called "test".
I have a software to find the harddrive in the network so there must be a way
to find this harddrive using C#

The information I have is this:
IP Setting: Fixed IP
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
MAC Address: 00:24:32:02:36:0e
Server Name: USB Server

I wonder how we can map this harddrive in this scenario. For example this did not work,
with the software in the link:

Thank you!

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