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I'm in my first AND LAST computer science class and I really need help with our final project. Up to this point all of my assignments have been completed from my teacher and TA standing over my shoulder telling me exactly what to do. I'm pretty sure they're just as frustrated with my inability to comprehend this program as I am. With the first part of the assignment I have about half of it done, but can't figure out 3 functions; isFull (to check if the board is full), winsFor (to determine if somebody has won horizontally or vertically), and hostGame (to host the game..? I think). Here is what I have thus far....help is greatly appreciated!

class Board:
    """ a datatype representing a C4 board
    with an arbitrary number of rows and cols

    def __init__( self, width, height ):
        """ the constructor for objects of type Board """
        self.width = width
        self.height = height
        self.data = []   # this will be the board
        for row in range( 6 ):
            boardRow = []
            for col in range( 7 ):
                boardRow += [' ']   # add a space to this row
            self.data += [boardRow] # add this row to the board
                # do not need to return inside a constructor!

    def __repr__(self):
        """ this method returns a string representation
            for an object of type Board
        s = ''
        for row in range( self.height ):
            s += '|'
            for col in range( self.width ):
                s += self.data[row][col] + '|'
            s += '\n'
        s += ('--'*self.width) + '-\n'
        for col in range( self.width ):
            s += ' ' + str(col%10)
        s += '\n'
        return s

    def addMove(self, col, ox):
        """ This method adds an O or an X in the appropriate column
        if self.allowsMove(col) == True:
            for row in range( self.height ):
                if self.data[row][col] != ' ':
                    self.data[row-1][col] = ox
            self.data[self.height-1][col] = ox
            print('That move is not allowed!')

    def clear(self):
        """This method clears the board for a new game"""
        for x in range(self.height):
            for y in range(self.width):
                if self.data[x][y] != ' ':
                    self.data = [x][y] = ' '

    def setBoard( self, moveString ):
        """ takes in a string of columns and places
        alternating checkers in those columns,
        starting with 'X'
        For example, call b.setBoard('012345')
        to see 'X's and 'O's alternate on the
        bottom row, or b.setBoard('000000') to
        see them alternate in the left column.
        moveString must be a string of integers
        nextCh = 'X'
        for colString in moveString:
            col = int(colString)
            if 0 <= col <= self.width:
                self.addMove(col, nextCh)
            if nextCh == 'X': nextCh = 'O'
            else: nextCh = 'X'

    def allowsMove(self, col):
        """This method checks if the move being added is allowed
        if 0 <= col < self.width:
            if (self.data[0][col] == ' '):
                return True
            return False

    def isFull(self):
        """ This method returns True if the board is full and False if
        it is not
        for x in range(self.height):
            for y in range(self.width):

    def hostGame ( self ):  
         """Hosts a full game of Connect 4"""

    def winsFor ( self, ox ): 
        """Checks if someone has won the game"""
        # check for horizontal wins
        for row in range(0,self.height):
            for col in range(0,self.width-3):
                if self.data[row][col] == ox and \
                   self.data[row][col+1] == ox and \
                   self.data[row][col+2] == ox and \
                   self.data[row][col+3] == ox:
                    return True

        # checks for vertical wins
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