Hi I have a project where Im creating a bank account. In the bank account the user is supposed to choose either checkings or savings from a combo box. once that is selected and the user presses submit button the selection is supposed to show up under a label in a different tab. I really cant figure out exactly how to do this because I've never actually used a combo box before so I'm not sure how to put in code to that the selection is supposed to then get put into a label on another tab and I've been working at this for quite awhile.

What compiler and os are you using? Are you using MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class), Windows Forms, or some other GUI (tell us which one)?

Hello Im using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 sorry

So I guess you're also making an MFC program? You should check out CodeProject.com for the largest repository of MFC/VC++ programs on the internet, all programs/tutorials are free for downloading.

There are several MFC tutorials (click here) you should read since you are probably new to MFC programming.