# This program reads numbers from a file into a list.
def main():
    # Open a file for reading.
    infile = open('text.txt', 'r')
    sentences = infile.readlines() # Read the contents of the file into a list.
    infile.close()                          # Close the file.

    index = 0                               # Convert each element to an int.
    while index < len(sentences):

        print (sentences[index], index) #PRINT EACH ELEMENT
        index += 1

        # Print the contents of the list.

    print (index)

# Call the main function.

Take a page containing a list of sentences, like this one (take only the first 5 sentences). Then with a calculator, compute the average number of words per sentence by hand and note carefully everything you do. This should give you a working algorithm. Write pseudo code, then python code.

Assume the sentences end with '.' or '?' or '!' so count these characters and divide the total words by the number of these characters.

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