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if you want to use netbeans, I doubt you'll "write" it, rather generate the code. (bad way to learn how to code, btw)

to quote the page you are linking to:

Select Windows > Palette to open the Palette if you don't see it. You use the Palette to drag and drop UI components to the design area.
Start by selecting a JPanel from the Palette and drop it onto the JFrame.
While the JPanel is highlighted, go to the Properties window and click the "..." button next to Border to choose a border style.
In the Border dialog, select Titled Border from the list, and type in Number Addition in the Title field. Click OK to save the changes and exit the dialog.
You should now see an empty titled JFrame that says Number Addition like in the screenshot. Look at the screenshot and add three JLabels, three JTextFields and three JButtons as you see above.

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