Hey guys, i'm kinda desperate.. because of illness I had to miss 2 months of uni, I was seriously sick and could not even leave house for that time, now it's an exam time and I have no idea how to write it.. fortunately our teacher gave us 8 small practice works that he said would help us pass to exam.. unfortunately since I missed so much I don't even know commands that I can use to do those practice works, could someone do a favor and help me out with them? then I could analyse it and try to learn.. I have 3 days left till exams and i'm really desperate, thanks for your help in advance, practice works are really small and very basic but they are depending on each other, so if you don't do first work you wont be able to do next one.. I got stuck on third one and cannot proceed :S

here I uploaded them on website - www fileconvoy com/dfl.php?id=g4f2af8cc3b85a5859991820136fae7d37257e7 4f3

thanks again, I really appreciate any kind of help you can offer

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I don't think that you're going to find someone on here that is going to post you a complete set of solutions.

Maybe you could post what you have of the third solution (which you implied you have started, but got stuck) and we could help you with that one?

your link isn't working for me. I don't see myself spoonfeeding you the answers but I can take a look and help you if you have a specific question.

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