Im creating a project in java using netbeans. I have to create lots of forms for every operation.
So i created a menubar and add menu items in it. Instead of creating so many jframe forms i decided to create JPanel forms for evry operation. So in this way i can add one panel in the main frame on clicking the menu item.
After i click another menu item, i should be able to remove the prevoius panel from main jframe and add another panel to it..
but i cant do it.
i want to do it in netbeans only
can u tell me how to do it using netbeans???
is their any method of how to do it?
plzz show me wid example...

what do you mean "in netbeans only"? you mean using the gui builder?
in that case, I would advice against it. it'll generate crappy code that's near to impossible to maintain (in a good way).
what ide you use is irrelevant. use the setVisible method.

If you are using netbeans then you can use jDesktopPane and add Panel to it when click on menu item like

believe it or not, you can do that whether you use NetBeans or not.