This is my Problem, Please Help me :(

The Library class would include data members such as ID, Date of Aquisition, descrition, number of copies, title and instance method such addItem() and retrieceItem() also accessor and mutator method aree needed to access data members. These are variables and methods common to all Library Holdings. the three subclasses of library-Book, Magazines, and Multimedia-could then use to hold data members and methods specific to particular Library Holdings. The Books Class member contains author publisher and ISBN as its data members and accessor and mutator methods. The Magazine class member includes magazine edition and date issued as its data members, accessor and mutator for its methods. Lastly the class Multimedia may contain the subject and type for its data membes together with accessor and mutator methods. use arrays to store Library Holdings. provide an interface using swing components for ur application. the declaration of these classes in java program would probably be public classes, defined in separate files.

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Sorry for that, and sorry for this late reply, i already tried to finish thatbut i didnt meet the requirements, soon i have some problems to ask about this overloading program and i will show you my program and ask what is my problem thanks ^^


i don't see any problem aside from you not trying to do it first.. i suggest you do some research first then come back with a specific problem with the proof that you've done some job yourself.

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