Using Visual Studio 2012. Why does the syntax highlighting turn off periodically. Then unexpectedly it turns back on again, unreproducably, and rather annoyingly.

A chocolate eclair for anyone who knows...?

I haven't experienced that. Sometimes when I'm working quickly it takes the highlighter a second or two to catch up, but other than that it works immediately.

I've had this happen before as well, but only on the C++ editor. It seems to be when the Intellisense parser has a mental breakdown. In my case, Intellisense kept telling me I had an error and wouldn't build my program, even though the program was syntactically correct.
(Intellisense said I had a brace missing...)

The precursor to my Intellisense failing was losing the syntax highlight in the editor for anything I typed after line 27, although I think the line number is irrelevant.

Restarted VS2012 and it built straight away. Most likely "one of those things" but it is incredibly annoying :(