Hi everybody,

        Just wondering if it is possible t

        hat we can change the text size in balloon or bubble message or whatever you call it the one we create useing "trayicon.displaymessage("message", "message", message.info);Highly appreciate if someone could help me out.

I've got this feeling you may want to give a bit more information of what it is you are trying to do, and what it is you've already tried.

Many places where Java displays text support a limited subset of HTML tags (eg JLabel). You could try some simple HTML and see if that works, eg

AFAIK not possible, without JNI/JNA, otherwise Font, Color, MessageType is based on resources came from Native OS, in the case that you'll to change theme in OS, then will be changed these properties too, accesible frome Win32, Net, C++, e.i.

Yup, I tried HTML and no joy. Looks like mKorbel is right again, as usual.

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