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Dear Readers,

10 Years ago, Matt Hahnfeld ( released the legendary EveryAuction Version 1.53 Perl Auction Script, the last Version of a serie of simple, but very popular source, still used worldwide in many different forms of applications.

To honor this, I soon plan to release the new EveryAuction 2.53 Anniversary Perl Community Commerce Portal as FREE Basic Runtime-Version.

The New Haert of EA 2.53 is called MAD-DB, it's a Multi-Flatfile Indexing System, created to handle all time-critical (Serverload!) Routines. Combined with the standard EA 1.53 Flatfile DB-System, wich will be used for security-related functions as well as to assure Compatibility with the huge range of existing EA 1.53 Options, possibly beeing by one or the other Site-Owners. The capacity of the System will depend only of the Performance of the Server used.

The Software will come in a rather unspectacular Look, waiting to be adopted to existing Site-Designs. CSS Support will ease Table Section Looks. Header/Footer/rightpage should be able to be 'handled' by Wysiwyg HTML Editors.


As per Now, one can offer Banner/Image Ad-sponsored, free or paid, Auctions, Classifieds, Wanted Item Ad's, Free MePages with Images and more, to start a regional or local Community-and-Commere Site. EveryAuction 2.53 is the ideal Base for Club-Auctions, Community-Events, Garage-Sales, Goodwill-Actions and other local or regional Online-Happenings of any kind.


I like to invite Perl Programmers, HTML Designers, CSS-Specialists, JS Scripters, to participate, in any Form, to make EA 2.53 to be the 'Number One' Perl 'ComCom' Platform as well as the easiest to 'understand' Script-Newbie Learning Tool in One. Using my 15 Years of EA Experience, I will make sure, the Software will be Newbie-readable, unlike it's grandfather, grabbed from the Web, back in 1998. It's the only way to to make it "editable", also useable for everybody with little (programmer)talent, but lots of enthusiasm, like me.

So, if you are able to show me samples of you talent, please contact me. But please, do NOT just ask for a download-link, there is no need 'to test it on your server...', besides, I am to old for this kind of demands. If you think about 'creating' something to EA 2.53 as commercial add-on, go ahead, I supply you with a basic source.

Thank you very much!


I am Swiss, sorry for my (picked up) english