Please help me with this I really need your help. Thank you so much.

#define EMPTY      __________
#define DELETED __________
#define max 1100
#define setSize 20

typedef struct
unsigned long ID;
char Lname[16],Fname[24],MI;
char course[8],year;

typedef struct
Student Stud;
int link    /*used to link to next synonyms*/

typedef struct
ctype Header[max];
int avail;  /*stores the index of the first      available cell in the synonym area*/

typedef unsigned long int BitVect;

typedef struct
unsigned long IDS[setSize];
int last;   /*index of last element in the set*/

Do the following:
1.  Write an appropriate definition of the EMPTY and DELETED macros.
2.  Write the code of the function IsMemElements() - the function will determine if the given elements represented by a set of ID numbers are stored in the dictionary. The function will store the result in a set implemented using bit-vector and will return the result to the calling function.
Note: use EMPTY or DELETED if needed.

*Assume a hash function H exists and it accepts an ID as parameter.
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Hi there! First of all I would really like to thank you for answering my question. However, this is a different problem. I reallly hope you could help me with this.
Thanks a lot :)


However, this is a different problem. I reallly hope you could help me with this.

It's a different problem, but my link in your previous thread answers this question too. Please read it.

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